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Transported to a world of sweetness

Prepare to be transported to a world of sweetness and nostalgia as we unravel the heartwarming story behind Asha Sweet Center - the iconic sweet shop that has captured the hearts of millions. Founded by the Late Sri Kantha Prasadji Garg in 1951, the shop, formerly known as Malleshwaram Sweet Meat Stall, has a rich legacy that continues to inspire and delight.

A true people's person, Sri Kantha Prasadji was known for his kindness and generosity. He believed in spreading joy and happiness wherever he went, and his delicious sweets were a testament to his vision. With Asha Sweet Center, Sri Kantha Prasadji took his passion to greater heights, sharing his love for sweets with the entire city.

His son, Mr. Narendra Kumar Garg, carried forward his father's legacy with the same zeal and passion. He renamed the establishment as Asha Sweet Center in 1971 and worked tirelessly to perfect the taste and quality of their sweets. Today, Asha Sweet Center is led by Mr. Narendra Kumar Garg's son, Mayur Garg, who has taken on the mantle of continuing his family's legacy with equal fervour and dedication.

From classic Mysore Pak to fusion desserts like Chocolate Barfi, Asha Sweet Center has won the hearts of generations with its exquisite range of sweets and savouries. Every bite is a testament to the hard work, love, and passion that has gone into creating it.

So, the next time you savour the delectable sweets from Asha Sweet Center, remember the legacy of Sri Kantha Prasadji and his family, whose commitment to spreading joy and sweetness lives on through their iconic sweet shop.

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