Top Burfi Sweets to Buy Online

Top Burfi Sweets to Buy Online – Barfi Sweet Recipe

There is always a sweet craving, ever so tempting. Sweets are one of the most important aspects of any celebration in India. Many have the habit of having a sweet dish along with the meal. Among these milk-based sweets have a special place in the hearts of Indians. Barfi sweet is one such milk based sweet which is a favourite of many and you can see them stocked in almost all sweet shops. These are also one of the most frequently bought sweets online especially during festivals such as Diwali, holiday season and wedding season.

Did you know that the word barfi/ burfi was derived from a Persian word barf, meaning snow? One of the main ingredients of barfi sweet is milk. Traditionally, Barfi was made of milk, with the base being khova, and was flavoured with powdered cardamom. With changing times and the desire to have variety, different ingredients and flavours have been added to the traditional recipe, which has given way to more than 20-25 different types of barfi sweet. More and more varieties are also being tried every day!

Note:- We at Asha Sweet Center have special barfis made purely out of dry fruits.

Top 10 Barfi Sweet Recipe

Now let’s move on and know how to make these yummy barfis. As mentioned previously, there are more than 25 different types of barfi/ burfi. Barfi is one of the simplest, yet trickiest sweet to perfect. However, with adequate practice, most of the barfis can be made quickly. Here, let’s know about the top 10 barfi recipes.

  1. Milk Barfi

Barfi Sweets BangaloreMilk barfi is commonly made using milk, condensed milk, or milk powder. A combination of these is also used. Here, a recipe using milk and milk powder explained.

First heat 1/4 cup of ghee and 3/4 cup of milk, on a low flame. Add 21/2 cup of milk powder and 1/2 cup sugar while you keep stirring until all these have mixed well.

  • Stir continuously (on a low flame) until milk starts to thicken while ensuring there are no lumps.    
  • Continue stirring the mixture till it starts leaving the sides of the pan and converts to a paste. Add 1/4 tsp of cardamom powder to this and mix well.
  • Take a greased plate and line it with butter paper. Transfer the mixture/ mishran to this and spread it well over the plate to form a block. Sprinkle cut almonds and pistachios over it and press slightly.
  • Leave it to set for 2 hours. Cut them into desired shapes (square, rectangle, etc) and unmould them.     
  • Preferably consume them  within a day

The basic of milk barfi recipe is followed in almost all the different varieties of barfi sweets. You can follow the same quantity of ghee, milk, milk powder and sugar mentioned here for the rest of the variants. The only thing that changes would be the ingredients and flavours that are added to it while the sweet is being made. Rest of the steps about greasing a plate and spreading the mixture/ mishran over it, letting it cool, and cutting it into the desired shape, remains the same.

  1. Horlicks Barfi

Horlicks Burfi Sweets BangaloreWant the best of Horlicks, but your kids don’t like it with milk? Horlicks barfi is the solution!

  • Add about 1/4 to 1/2 cup of Horlicks powder (depending on your requirement) to the other ingredients while stirring it over a low flame.
  • Continue stirring until the mixture starts to leave the sides of the pan and converts to a paste consistency.
  • Spread the mixture/ mishran over a greased plate.
  • Cut it into the desired shape after it sets.
  • The Horlicks barfi is ready to be relished!
  1. Rose Duet Barfi

Top Burfi Sweets in BangaloreBored with the same single layer barfi variety? Add some new flavour to the barfi/ burfi or layer it with multiple flavours to make itinteresting! How about adding a tinge of the evergreen rose flavour! The trick here is to have two sets of the barfi mixture (one as explained in the milk barfi recipe) and the second by adding rose flavour to the remaining mishran on low flame while stirring continuously. We are reiterating the same points again and again..

Now on a greased tray spread a layer of each mixture in an alternating pattern.Let it cool and then cut into the desired shape and serve.         

  1. Dry Fruit Barfi Sweet 

Dry Fruit Burfi Sweets KarnatakaOur dry fruit barfi is purely made of dry fruits, the melding and sweetness is got through dates and figs. Dry fruit barfi is a simpler version compared to other types of Barfi. Cut the desired dry fruits into small pieces and keep them ready. Add them to the barfi/ burfi mixture (ghee, milk, milk powder, and sugar as mentioned in milk barfi), keep stirring. Spread it over the greased plate once it reaches a mixture/ mishran consistency. Cut it into the desired shape after it cools/sets, and serve. For best results use dry fruits such as fig, almonds, pistachios and cashew nuts.

  1. Coconut Barfi

Sweet Shops in BangaloreThe key ingredient in this barfi sweet is 2 cups of grated coconut (as the name suggests!). However, in Asha Sweet Center, we mainly use coconut, condensed milk, cardamom, etc for the preparation. Rest of the steps remain the same. For best results, coconut barfi should be consumed within a few days after the preparation.   

  1. Badam Barfi Sweet

Badam Sweet BangaloreAlmond is the hero of this barfi sweet. It is used in both forms – powdered and cut pieces. However, this needs a little pre-preparation.

  • Soak 3/4 cup almonds for 1 hour in hot water.
  • Peel the skin, dry the almonds and grind it.
  • Prepare sugar syrup using 3/4 cup of sugar and 1/2 cup water.
  • Add the pounded almond and cardamom powder (4 cardamoms) to the syrup when it reaches a string consistency.
  • Mix until themixture/ mishran consistency is reached.
  • Spread the mixture/ mishran over a greased plate.
  • The cut pieces can be used as a garnish over the mixture/ mishran while it sets in the greased plate.
  •  While cutting, ensure that at least 1 whole cut piece of almond is on the top.    

    7. Badam Pista Barfi Sweet

Badam Pista Roll BangaloreThe recipe is the same as that of badam barfi sweet. Just add 1/2 cup of pista while grinding the soaked almonds (as described in badam barfi). Milk powder is an optional addition in this recipe. The chopped almonds and pistachios can be used to garnish the mixture/ mishran. Cut it to the desired shape after the mixture/ mishran sets.       

  1. Badam Kesar Pista Barfi

Badam roll BangaloreKesar is believed to have numerous beneficial effects on health and especially for women during pregnancy. Hence, kesar is often added in different sweet dishes. The recipe for badam Kesar pista barfi  includes an additional step of soaking 8-10 strands of saffron in 1/2 cup milk for about an hour. This needs to be added after the string consistency (see badam barfi recipe) of the rest of the mix is attained. Garnish the mixture/ mishran with chopped badam and pistachios and cut into the desired shape after the mixture/ mishran sets.         

  1. Cashew Barfi Sweet

Cashew Burfi Sweet DelicacyCashew barfi is commonly known as Kaju katli and as the name suggests, the hero of this barfi is kaju or cashews. The recipe is the same as that for badam barfi explained earlier, but badam or almonds is to be replaced with grounded cashew nuts. Additionally, about 1 tsp of ghee is to be added when the mixture starts thickening. After the ghee is thoroughly mixed, spread the mixture/ mishran over the greased plate into a thin layer. For better results, apply some ghee on your hand and knead the mixture/ mishran for about 30 seconds before spreading it on the plate. Once set, cut the barfi in diamond shapes and serve.  

  1. Cocoa Barfi Sweet

Coco Burfi Sweets BangaloreThis dish is most suited for those who love chocolate and cocoa. The steps involved in making the cocoa barfi is similar to that of milk barfi. However, you need to add about 3-4 tsp of cocoa powder (reduce the sugar quantity by half if you are using sweetened cocoa powder) in the first step. Stir the mixture continuously on low flame until the mixture/ mishran consistency is attained. Spread the mixture/ mishran on a greased plate and cut it into the desired shape once it sets. Dual layer cocoa barfi sweet can be made in the same manner as rose duet barfi.

Top Sweets Which are famous in Bangalore

Homemade barfi is widely sought by all. However, on occasions such as Raksha Bandhan, weddings, and festivals such as Diwali, it is often difficult to make large quantities within a short duration of time. The availability of barfi sweet online solves this problem. Several online stores such as that by the famous Asha sweet Center help you celebrate every occasion without having to worry about preparing the best barfi. Just place the order online and the best of the barfi/ burfi sweet will be home delivered. And for all other times Asha Sweet Center is at your service.

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