Popular Wedding Sweets

Top 25 Sweets Served At Wedding Functions – Popular Wedding Sweets

Top 25 Sweets Served At Wedding Functions – Popular Wedding Sweets 

Sweets are a vital part of any joyous occasion in India. Happiness is shared by distributing sweets to all those who are near and dear. A wedding is one such cheerful occasion where sweets are a must. Weddings are never considered complete without a lavish spread of sweets! Special attention is often given to ensure that the spread is elaborate, unique and the best in town. Many who attend weddings skip the main course during lunch/ dinner so as to not miss any of the wedding sweets. The selection of wedding sweets should hence be eye-catching, lip-smacking and amazing too! 

Wedding Sweets – Live Sweet Counters at Weddings

Having live sweet counters or sweet buffet counters at weddings is a new trend which is gaining popularity. These counters serve the regular sweets with some added creativity and innovative ideas. Some of the trending ones include baked rasgullas, chocolate basundi shots, and gulab jamun parfait. Check out Asha Sweets for these innovative ideas and creative sweet counters for your wedding.

Here’s a list of top 25 sweets served at weddings 

Popular Wedding Sweets

Anjeer Cutlet 

Made using fig and other dry fruits, this is one of the favorite wedding sweets to be served to all. The sweet looks great and tastes great too. Sweets made using dry fruits such as figs are slightly chewy and have a distinct flavor that is loved by the majority of people. These are delicious as well as healthy when made using sugar-free options. These are also commonly preferred during other similar occasions, especially when one wishes for a lavish spread of sweets. 

Badam Halwa 

Badam or almonds are one of the most commonly used dry fruits in the majority of the sweet dishes. The blanched almonds have a distinct taste and are either used as small pieces or ground powder. Although the halwa is slightly sticky, it is one of the commonly preferred wedding sweets. Made using ample amounts of ghee and sugar, it is a favorite sweet for both kids and adults. The badam halwa is also one of the most sought after sweet during festivals such as Holi, Diwali and Raksha Bandhan. 

Badam Burfi 

This is another commonly made sweet dish that can also be considered as one of the favorite sweets served at weddings. Almonds are considered quite healthy as well as tasty and are hence one of the preferred dry fruits for making burfis. Badam Burfi is made using almonds, milk, ghee, and sugar, this is preferred by both young and old. Kesar is often used as a garnish while cardamom powder may also be added to enhance the flavor. 


The spread of wedding sweets is never complete without the presence of Balushahi. It is one of the favorite sweets which is believed to have originated in Bihar. Made using maida, ghee, and sugar. This fried snack is one of the hot favorite wedding sweets for many. These doughnut-like sweets are first deep fried and then soaked in sugar syrup after they have cooled. This gives it a distinct flavor and taste. 


Basundi is a popular dessert in Maharashtra and Gujarat. It is basically sweetened condensed milk which is obtained by boiling milk on a low heat for a long duration. Sugar, powdered cardamom is added after the milk cools down. Strands of kesar (saffron) are also added to enhance the flavor and taste. It is often served chilled and is garnished with dry fruits such as almonds and pistachios to further accentuate the taste and appearance. 


Burfi is one of the most commonly served wedding sweets. Available in different varieties, burfi is basically dense milk based sweets. Various ingredients such as coconut scrapings, pista powder, almonds, etc are used and the burfi is named accordingly as coconut burfi, pista burfi, almond burfi, etc. Apart from the wedding, it is also commonly served during festivals such as Diwali. 


Another common addition to wedding sweets is Chandrakala. A sweet made using maida or the all-purpose flour, khova, sugar, ghee, and dry fruits, Chandrakala derives its name from its round shape, that resembles the moon. Cardamom powder is commonly used to enhance the flavor and taste of this sweet. Similar to Balushahi, this sweet is also deep fried in oil and then dipped in sugar syrup, which confers the distinct taste to this sweet. 

Gajar Ka Halwa 

Gajar ka halwa or carrot halwa is one of the all-time favorite wedding sweets. Made using grated carrot, khova, sugar and ghee, this dish is most sought because of its rich flavor and taste. A generous amount of ghee is used to enhance the taste of this dish and it tastes awesome when served hot. Many prefer it along with vanilla ice-cream! However, for enjoying the unique and unforgettable taste, it should be tried separately. 


Popular Wedding SweetsA native of Rajasthan and Gujarat, Ghevar is commonly made during the Teej festival. Made using all-purpose flour and sugar. Ghevar is available in many varieties including mawa, malai and plain Ghevar. It is one of the delightful wedding sweets which is relished by everyone. It is 

served with toppings made using cardamom, almonds, and saffron. It is also served with rabri to enhance the taste. Skillfully made, Ghevar is not only a treat to the eyes but for your tastebuds too! 

Gulab Jamun 

Hot gulab jamun served along with sugar syrup is one of the hot favorites among wedding sweets. This is one of the simplest sweets which is preferred over many other sweets. Getting the right consistency of the Jamun and the sugar syrup is the key to this most sought after wedding sweet. Gulab jamun derives its name from the rose flavored sugar syrup used to soak the golden fried Jamun. Made using milk, flour, and a leavening agent, gulab jamun is also one common sweet prepared at home


These spiral-shaped crisp sweets which are soaked in hot sugar syrup are also the most common sweet served at weddings. You can easily gobble up several pieces when served hot. Commonly made using urad dal and all-purpose flour, this crispy sweet is one of the most delicious wedding sweets. Many variants of this traditional sweet are now available. It is preferred for its crispiness and delectable taste. 

Kaju Barfi 

Kaju or cashew nut is one of the widely used dry fruits in North Indian sweets. It is preferred for its richness and distinct flavor. While kaju burfi is commonly served at weddings, it is also widely shared during festivals such as Diwali, Dussehra and during other happy occasions. Made using cashew nuts and milk, Kaju barfi is liked by people of all ages. 

Kala Jamun 

Traditionally made using khova or mawa, these jamuns derive its name due to the dark colour. Wedding sweets spread is considered incomplete without this sweet, which is easier to serve and eat (compared to gulab jamun). The jamuns are fried over a low flame to achieve this colour. These are then dipped in hot sugar syrup and allowed to cool. Tastes best when served at room temperature or chilled. Small pieces of almonds and pistachios are often used as a garnish. 


Khaja is basically layered fritters which is soaked in sugar syrup. It is also one of the 56 different types of dishes served as ‘prasad’ at the Puri Jagannatha temple. Khaja is one of the widely used wedding sweets as a dessert at the end of a meal. It is made using all purpose flour, ghee, and cardamom powder. Khaja is also a traditional sweet of Andhra which is widely made during 

festivals and other joyous occasions. It is also a simple sweet which can be made quickly. The deep fried rolled fritters are soaked in hot sugar syrup and served after they are cool. 

Kheer/ Payasam 

Kheer or payasam is one of the favorite wedding sweets made mainly using milk and sugar. Rice or vermicelli kheer is one of the most commonly served wedding sweets. Dry fruits and cardamom powder are often used to improve the taste and flavor of this dish. Another common ingredient is condensed milk. Served hot, this can be one of the favorite sweet dishes among both young and old. 


Among the wedding sweets that is a hot favorite among kids, ladoo tops the list! This round shaped sweet can also be made using different ingredients and each one has a distinct flavor and taste. One of the common ladoo served as wedding sweet is motichur ladoo. This is made using Bengal gram flour batter which is fried in ghee or oil to create small round balls, which are subsequently soaked in sugar syrup. These are then shaped into a ball and garnished with cut almonds or pistachios. 


Malpua is another popular wedding sweet of North Indian cuisine. It has been adapted to the South Indian cuisine because of its delectable taste. While khova or mawa is used as a filling in North India, coconut scrapings are widely used in the South. This sweet is also one of the 56 dishes served as ‘prasad’ at the Puri Jagannath temple. It is traditionally fried in oil and then dipped in sugar syrup. 

Mysore Pak 

Mysore pak is one of the most commonly served wedding sweets in South India. A native of Mysore (from where it derives its name), this traditional sweet is known for its ‘melt-in-mouth’ property. Made primarily using gram flour, sugar and copious amounts of ghee, the traditional recipe is still a well-kept secret. This classic delicacy is served during almost all festivals in South India, especially Karnataka. 


This crispy traditional sweet is served with badam milk and is one among the frequently served wedding sweets. These are like the semiya or noodles which are extra thin and crispy. Made using all-purpose flour and ghee, it is also served with sugar-sweetened milk. This is one of the must-have wedding sweets in South India. 

Petha Roll 

Petha is one of the commonest wedding sweets made using ash gourd and sugar. It can be made in different styles and petha rolls are among one of the frequently ordered wedding sweets. This sweet is also among the commonly consumed North Indian sweets. 

Pineapple Sandwich 

Some wedding sweets are specially made to order. One such sweet is pineapple sandwich which contains pineapple pieces within milk based burfi. This delicious sweet can be one of the favourites among those who love the tangy taste of pineapple. The pineapple sandwich delivers both a sweet and tangy taste. Such unique sweets can make the wedding sweet spread extra special. 


Rasgulla is one of the delicious syrupy desserts which originated in Bengal and Odisha. There are slight variations in this commonly ordered wedding sweets. The Bengal version, which is the most commonly available version is made using Indian cottage cheese and sugar syrup. It is the simplest yet trickiest sweet to make and is enjoyed by patrons of all ages. 


Rasmalai is another wedding sweet from Bengal which is highly popular among all. It is similar to rasgulla with the difference being that it is dipped in thickened and sweetened milk. Strands of saffron are added to the milk to improve the flavor as well as the appearance. Rasmalai is usually served cold/chilled as this sweet dish tastes excellent when served cold. 


This is a traditional sweet which is said to have originated in Gujarat and Maharashtra. It is made of hung curd and sugar (powdered) and is one of the most commonly served wedding sweets in this part of India. Cardamom and saffron are often used as a garnish. This thick, creamy sweet is a simple yet quite flavourful dish which can be quite delightful to eat. 

Sohan Papdi 

Sohan papdi or soan papdi is one of the most commonly served wedding sweets in North Indian weddings. This crispy flaky sweet is made using flour, besan, sugar, and ghee. It is one of the favorite sweets of both adults and kids as it melts in the mouth. Different flavors of sohan papdi are now available. It is a Diwali special dessert which is also shared during many other occasions. 

Popular Wedding Sweets

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