Healthy Breakfast Ideas for Children

Healthy Breakfast Ideas | Why You Should Include A Handful of Dry fruits in your Morning Diet

Have you ever been forced to eat badam by your mother to improve your memory before an exam? In that case, you know exactly how important dry fruits are to your diet. Here, we offer some healthy breakfast ideas that you can make a part of your fast paced routine.

1) Dry Fruits

2) Dry Fruit/ Horlicks burfi

3) Badam Milk

4) Almond/ Pistachio Bars

Do you find it difficult to make time for a healthy breakfast? If so, you are just one among a growing number of Indians who face a similar situation.

Busy work lives usually mean that we have little to no time to have a proper morning routine. A good morning routine should involve some exercise, some meditation and a healthy breakfast. After all, breakfast is the most important meal of the day as any doctor will tell you! But when you are rushing between your work and home, balancing all your errands and responsibilities, it is easy to miss out on this meal.

Studies have found that dry fruits are packed with important nutrients that can give a huge boost to your diet. In India, we have known this health secret for centuries, which is why young children are often given powdered dry fruit mixed with milk to boost their immunity. Soaked almonds are given to school going children so that they can perform better academically.

As an adult, too, you have a lot to gain from consuming dry fruit daily. Let’s take a look at some convenient snacking options for you to make up this part of your diet.


Healthy Breakfast RecipesNaturally occurring dry fruits are the perfect snack that you can carry with you wherever you go. Almonds help to promote a healthy heart because it is high in vitamin E and monounsaturated fatty acids. Almonds are also believed to be good for managing weight and controlling blood sugar, which is why it is usually prescribed for diabetics.

Walnuts are also a very healthy nut that can be added to salads for an extra crunch. Walnuts contain vitamin E, omega 3 fatty acids and antioxidants, all of which help promote a healthy brain. Walnut is known to be good for the skin and hair and also has anticarcinogenic properties.

Brazil nuts are another type of dry fruit that is very good for health. They contain selenium, thus helping your thyroid to function properly. Ellagic acid content of brazil nuts helps in fighting cancer. The calcium, magnesium, potassium and unsaturated fat content of brazil nuts promotes heart health.

Dry fruit Barfi

Dryfruit_BarfiIf you cannot always keep buying dry fruit in its loose form, you can instead opt for a dry fruit barfi. These barfis are  full of dry fruit like pistachios, cashews, almonds, and dates. They also contain little to no sugar, making them a snack that you can enjoy without cheating on your diet.

Horlicks Barfi

Healthy breakfast recipe for kidsMothers have been feeding young children Horlicks for decades, because of all the nutrients packed in it. This malt milk powder is usually added to hot milk and consumed by young and old alike. You can now enjoy Horlicks in an alternative form by devouring Horlicks barfi, available at Asha Sweet Centre. This crunchy barfi is an excellent choice to give your day a boost right at the start.

Badam Milk

Breakfast Recipe for KidsIf you are one of those people who detest having tea or coffee for breakfast, then badam milk is the drink you need to start your day with. Badam milk can be enjoyed hot or cold. It is prepared using badam that is soaked and then ground and mixed with milk. You can even taste the pieces of badam if you have badam milk from a reputed brand. Try this power drink as a part of your healthy breakfast, which you can even drink on the way to the office.

Almond / Pistachio Bars

BarsPistachios are another rich source of nutrients. They are rich with vitamin B6, which helps in controlling blood sugar and helps prevent anaemia. Pistachios are also packed full of potassium, thus helping to keep your blood pressure at normal levels. If you find pistachios to be too inconvenient and messy to carry around with you, perhaps you can find a way to introduce these nuts to your diet in another form. Pistachio bars are energy bars that are filled with pistachio nuts. These can be had as a breakfast snack while you are on the go.

Almonds are well known as a healthy dry fruit for all the nutrients packed in it. Fortunately, for those who cannot always keep buying almonds, almond bars are available. You can buy a set of almond bars and keep them readily stocked for your daily breakfast snack.

In Conclusion

Give your diet a healthy boost! Try introducing dry fruit into your diet in these interesting ways so that you can ensure your body is receiving all the nutrients it needs.

Breakfast recipes for Kids

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