A Healthy Future with healthy sweets

Gifts for Children | A Healthy Future is the Best You Could Promise to Your Young Sprouts

Gifts for Children | A Healthy Future is the Best You Could Promise to Your Young Sprouts

Children love toys and chocolates, that is a given! But building a healthy future for them means going beyond the tried and tested gifts. This time, why don’t you offer the gift of good health to your kids? Here we present some healthy options for gifts that you can consider for your little ones.

If your children are like everyone else’s, chances are they turn up their little noses when offered something even remotely resembling a fruit. It is time to change that!

There are few parents out there who don’t tear their hair out in frustration planning their kids’ meal. More often than not, kids are more keen to choose a burger or a pizza as opposed to a healthy meal. But what if you could gift them a meal that is fun to eat and look at, and is good for their health as well? 

Since sweets are always a winner with kids, you can try gifting your children some choice sweets that will be a great boost to their health. Here, we have put together a shortlist of sweets that you can give to your children for a healthy mind and body!


Gulahar - Gifts for ChildrenGulbahar is a sweet made from pure milk, jaggery and dry fruits. It is a cute, tiny sweet that melts in your mouth and is a perfect way to get your children to consume more milk and nuts! Milk is an important source of calcium for children, leading to healthy and strong bones. The jaggery in this sweet is natural and better for kids’ teeth than normal sucrose is. The best part is the dry fruit like almonds and pistachios, which are loaded with nutrients that promote better memory and vitamin B6.

Kaju Pizza

Since kids love pizza, here is a delightful twist on the normal cheese laden pizza they would otherwise insist on devouring. The kaju pizza is a sweet that is made from cashewnuts, almonds and dry fruits. Cashewnuts are an important source of nutrients for healthy heart, hair and bones. It contains magnesium, which also helps to promote healthy teeth and gums for kids. The best part is that all these nuts are concealed in a delightful pizza like package that make the ultimate treat for the little ones!

Anjeer Cutlet

Gift for kidsWe are sure your kids love cutlets. Here is a dry fruit cutlet that they are sure to love biting into. The anjeer cutlet is made from dry figs, which are an excellent source of fibre. Figs also contain vitamin A and K, which are so important for good health. If you are worried about your kid hurting themselves while playing, you will be happy to note that figs are a source of calcium, thus promoting strong bones. This is therefore a fun gift that any kid would love to have. 

Badam Burfi

Indian moms have long sworn by the health benefits of almonds for their little ones. Almonds contain healthy fatty acids that are very important for a healthy diet. They also contain vitamin E and micronutrients like magnesium, zinc, calcium, potassium and more. Badam found in the badam burfi helps to boost memory power of kids, which is so important for school going children. This is therefore the best gift to give to a child who is about to face a tough set of exams!

Kaju Honey Dew

Best Gift Item for KidsKaju honey dew is an interesting name for a sweet that tastes as sweet as honey dew. It is made from walnuts and cashew nuts that melt in the mouth. This tasty treat is sure to be received with enthusiasm by kids because of its delicious taste. The best part is that it also contains walnuts and cashew nuts, among other dry fruits. Walnuts contain omega 3 fatty acids, which keeps your heart healthy and is also good for developing young brains. The vitamin E and magnesium in these nuts are also good for growing young children as a health booster. 

Kaju Flower

Healthy gift for childrenAnother winner with the kids is this interesting little flower shaped kaju treat. Kaju Flower is made of cashew nuts, pistachios, saffron and almonds. All these nuts are loaded with micronutrients and vitamins that are vital to young children. While your child would probably never consume all of these nuts in their naturally occurring state, you will be delighted to see them gulp them down when it comes packaged in this delightful sweet

In Conclusion

Instead of giving the same old boring toys, books or chocolates as gifts, why not offer your children the gift of good health instead? Dry fruit sweets are an interesting variation to candy and are good for their overall health. They will treasure these gifts and you can see the health benefits in no time!


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